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Erendira Wallenda Hangs by Teeth Over Horseshoe Falls

Erendira Wallenda was true to her word and hung by her teeth over the Horseshoe Falls, suspended an estimated 300 feet over the raging waterfall. The stunt took place at 8:40 AM with several hundred people watching the event from Goat Island.

Erendira Wallenda hangs over Horseshoe Falls

The wife of Nik Wallenda set a new world record for her feat although it failed to achieve the same dramatic effect as his wire walk over the Falls five years to the day.

Spectators on the ground found it difficult to actually see Erendira’s act of hanging  by her teeth because of the height of the helicopter and mist from the Falls. In fact, a Buffalo TV reporter asked Erendira if she completed the act live on Buffalo TV moments after she landed on the roof of the Seneca Casino parking ramp. Erendira incredulously asked “Didn’t you see me?”

The City of Niagara Falls and the County of Niagara each contributed $35,000 to cover expenses for the stunt and the Seneca Casino reportedly contributed $50,000. It is hoped the coverage and publicity from the act will help draw tourists to the Niagara Falls region.

In a post stunt news conference Nik Wallenda stated that their goal is to have a summer home in Niagara Falls where they could perform their high wire acts in front of the millions of tourists who visit the area each year.

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