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Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours

Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours

Whirlpool Jet Boat ToursThe Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours are an exciting and very wet way to experience the lower Niagara River Gorge Rapids. The powerful triple turbo diesel water jet system allows these “boats” to safely navigate the lower Niagara River like no marine vehicle before it.

The Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours began in 1992 and cost $61.00 per adult and $51.00 per child. There are group rates available as well.

The Whirlpool Jet Boat Tour has three different locations where the boats can be boarded, two on the Canadian side of the border and one on the American side.

The two Canadian locations to board are at two different locations along the Niagara River. One location is at the Lewiston docks and the other at the end of the Niagara River as it enters Lake Ontario at Niagara on the Lake.

Whirlpool Jet Boat TourThe Whirlpool Jet Boat Tour rides take the passengers up the Niagara River under the Queenston Bridge and past the two Hydro Electric Plants on both sides of the Gorge. The boats then navigate their way further up the river past Devils Hole and right up to the Whirlpool itself. Only then does the Captain turn the boats around and allow the passengers to experience the force of the class 5 rapids.

Whirlpool Jet Boat ToursPassengers are asked to arrive on-site forty-five minutes prior to the scheduled departure time so that all necessary paperwork can be filled out.  Lockers are then assigned so that passengers can safely store their valuables and keep them dry.

Passengers are then given life jacket and water booties, and ponchos and sweaters if required. The last thing needed to do is take a group photo before entering the Jet Boat.

The Whirlpool Jet Boat Tour rides are one of the most exciting ways to experience the power of the Niagara River and all that it offers.

Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours

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