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Goat Island Renovations

American Falls

Goat Island Renovations

Goat Island RenovationsGoat Island renovations are taking place in the Niagara Falls State Park, the oldest State Park in the United States. Goat Island is situated between the American and Horseshoe Falls and the State of New York is conducting $25 million dollars in renovations.

Goat Island RenovationsFunding for the Goat Island renovations came from Niagara River Greenway funds provided to OPRHP by the New York Power Authority. The New York Power Authority has made these funding allocations as part of their re-licensing agreement with the region.

Goat Island has already under gone renovations in the summer of 2013 which included new stone path walkways on the Three Sisters Island as well as the planting of native plants and shrubs.

The renovations around the Three Sisters Islands have cleared some of the over grown areas and made for a better landscaped and groomed area along the stone path. They have also fenced off some of the worn paths created by tourists over the decades which went dangerously close to the rapids.

goat island renovations

Renovations are also taking place at the brink of the American Falls at Prospect Point. The area is being repaved and the guard rail along Prospect Point is being re-constructed. This portion of Prospect Point has been the location of rock slides over the centuries and has needed to be shored up from time to time to combat the erosion caused by the constant mist and winds of the American Falls.

Goat Island offers as close a look at Niagara Falls as any location on either side of the border. The work being done has kept a small portion of those prime viewing areas inaccessible for the present. However, once the renovations are completed before the 2014 Niagara Falls tourist season Goat Island will once again be the jewel of the Niagara Falls State Park.

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