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Niagara Falls Sights

Niagara Falls Top Tourist Destination

Niagara Falls top tourist destination

Niagara Falls has been known across the world for the past three hundred years as a top tourist destination. The beauty of the Falls themselves along with the history, fascinating natural features, sights and of course the almost countless man-made attractions make Niagara Falls top tourist destination in the northeast and a world class destination point.

Niagara Falls top tourist destinationNiagara Falls Top Tourist Destination

To reinforce what everyone who has visited Niagara Falls already knows, publications like TravelĀ and Leisure Magazine, Forbes Magazine and web site Hotwire.com have all recently ranked Niagara Falls among the top eight most popular destinations in the world

These rankings have come from a combination 0f data from various organizations, publications and news organizations who track tourist attendance figures to come up with the annual lists. Yet, all one need do is travel to Niagara Falls on a warm summer night and see thousands of people lining both sides of the Niagara Gorge to know this spot ranks among the most popular.

Niagara Falls top tourist destination

Beautiful illuminated American Falls

Niagara Falls Earns Ranking

Niagara Falls has been ranked among such tourist destination points as Las Vegas Strip, Union Station in Washington D.C., Central Park in New York City and Times Square. The combined cities of Niagara Falls Canada and New York have a yearly combined visitation at more than 22 million last year.

The increased security procedures and identification policy at the Canadian/American border since 9/11 have not greatly affected tourist visitation. Niagara Falls continues to enchant and attract those who visit this natural wonder and keeps them coming back for more.

Niagara Falls a top tourist destination? You bet and the growth in the tourist trade around the Falls demonstrates that the interest is only growing. Niagara Falls will continue to thrill and mesmerize as long as people enjoy seeing God’s work on this earth.

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