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American Falls Could Be “Shut Off”, Again

Niagara Falls shut off

The American and Bridal Falls could be “shut off” like they were in 1969 if a proposed plan to repair two stone bridges connected to Goat Island is approved. The New York State Parks system needs to repair the stone bridges that connect the mainland to Green Island and Green Island and Goat Island. To […]

Niagara Falls Went Dry in 69′

Dry Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls┬áDry in 1969 Niagara Falls has flowed for over 12,000 years and except for a few severe winter ice jams over those years that created the illusion of a “frozen Falls” the water has always flowed. That is until June 12th, 1969 when the American Falls actually did go dry. The American Falls had […]

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