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Temperatures are Rising at Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

The spring temperatures are finally putting a thaw on the ice at the base of the American and Horseshoe Falls which comprise Niagara Falls. The eighty degree temps are helping Niagara Falls State Park works crews remove the heavy ice and snow at the base of the American Falls and at Terrapin Point. Once all […]

Niagara Falls Winter Glory

Niagara Falls is a spectacular sight all summer long, but the Falls covered in ice and snow is a feast for the eyes. During the day the sun glistening off the ice covered trees and mighty cascade of water is worth braving the chilling winds. At night the illuminated Falls is whole other spectacle as […]

Will Gadd is Niagara’s Latest Challenger

Will Gadd

Will Gadd, considered one of the very best ice climbers in North America, became the first man to scale the icy face of the Niagara Gorge next to the Horseshoe Falls on January 27th. The 47 year old Gadd accomplished the feat along with 34 year old Sarah Hueniken, all while being recorded by a […]

Will Gadd Climbs Ice Wall at Niagara Falls

Will Gadd

The ice covered cliff, just feet away from the majestic Horseshoe Falls, was the site for a daring ice climb Tuesday in Niagara Falls, reportedly performed by Will Gadd, Canada’s most prominent ice climber. Gadd was identified by a Niagara Falls Ontario Constable as he watched the feat performed Tuesday and told Niagara Falls Up […]

Niagara Falls Top Tourist Destination

Niagara Falls top tourist destination

Niagara Falls has been known across the world for the past three hundred years as a top tourist destination. The beauty of the Falls themselves along with the history, fascinating natural features, sights and of course the almost countless man-made attractions make Niagara Falls top tourist destination in the northeast and a world class destination […]

Niagara Falls Makes USA Today Bucket List

Niagara Falls

USA Today Bucket List Niagara Falls USA and Canada made the USA Today Bucket List of U.S Monuments and Landmarks in a feature named 10 best bucket-list U.S. monuments and landmarks. The USA Today Bucket List article was written by Larry Bleiberg and was based on locations photographed by┬áBlaine Harrington III and published on July […]

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